Golem is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


The program golem95 is a package for the numerical evaluation of integrals and tensor form factors entering the calculation of one-loop amplitudes with up to six external legs, written in Fortran 95.

golem95 performs the reduction to a certain set of basis integrals numerically, using a formalism where inverse Gram determinants can be avoided. The library contains massless as well as massive integrals and also can handle complex masses. Infrared and ultraviolet divergences are regulated by dimensional regularization. Integrals with tensor ranks exceeding the number of propagators are supported.

The program golem95-1.3.3.tar.gz is publicly available.

  • To install the program, please follow the instructions in the ''Readme'' coming with the program.

For more details, see arXiv:0810.0992 [hep-ph], arXiv:1101.5595 [hep-ph], arXiv:1312.3887 [hep-ph], and the ChangeLog.

In case of problems/questions/comments etc., please create a new ticket (login with "guest", "golem95"), or contact one of: